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Brampton High Schools Cut Programs Due to Teacher Layoffs



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Brampton High Schools Cut Programs Due to Teacher Layoffs

High schools provide students with numerous different courses to choose from. However, recent cutbacks have forced some Brampton schools to cut back on what they can offer.

Last month, it was announced that over 330 teachers would be laid off in the Peel Region, as a result of recent funding cuts by the government. This has forced many schools throughout Brampton to cut back on offered courses.

Schools affected by the cuts include Turner Fenton Secondary School, Mayfield Secondary School, David Suzuki Secondary School, and Brampton Centennial Secondary School.

Brampton Centennial was the most recent school to have announced cut courses, with 30 classes being cut next school year. Mayfield recently announced 42 courses would be cut from the 2019/2020 school year.

Departments that courses have been cut from include: English, Math, Physical Education, Geography, Visual Arts, Science and Social Studies. While most of the cut courses are not the main ones of a department, many specialized courses have been let go.

This is disappointing for many students as these unique courses can help students learn about certain fields they may eventually choose for a career path. Another negative in the case of Brampton Centennial, the Grade 11 and 12 Essential English and Math for Everyday Life course, has been dropped.

These courses gave students who had trouble doing well in more academic-focused programs get their credits required to graduate.

These cuts are just another after-effect since the announced layoffs of teachers.

You can read more about the layoffs and reactions here.

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