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Brampton Firefighter Set to Appear on Food Network Show



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Brampton Firefighter Set to Appear on Food Network Show

Brampton foodies, rejoice–one of your own is about to appear on The Food Network’s Chopped Canada and the news is especially exciting because it’s not every day that someone from your own metaphorical backyard ends up on a much-loved television show.

On Saturday, Dec. 10, Brampton firefighter Ryan Brown will be indulging (and testing) his lifelong love of food on the popular TV. Brown will be up against other Canadian firefighters, as the firefighters special is part of a season of specials that includes a judge’s special, a grandmother special and a junior’s special.

Peel actually got a fair amount of representation on this season of Chopped, as 12-year-old Mississauga girl Abigail Chu recently competed on the show’s first ever junior’s special.

According to The Food Network, Brown has always been passionate about food and gets his advice from Toronto restaurateur Cory Vitiello. Brown is an ambitious culinary aficionado who hopes to someday make his homemade ‘boom pickles’ available to the public. He hopes to use some prize money to kick that venture off, should he be victorious.

He plans to give the rest of the money to his fire hall’s boot drive, which is raising money for muscular dystrophy research.

Brown’s episode, entitled Fired Up, will air on Saturday, Dec. 10 at 9:00 p.m.

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