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Brampton Council Plans to Demolish Iconic Heritage Theatre



Brampton Council Plans to Demolish Iconic Heritage Theatre

One of Brampton’s most iconic landmarks will be demolished next year.

The Brampton Council has been trying to find a purpose for the Heritage Theatre in downtown Brampton for a while now.

After a staff report submitted in a recent council meeting (May 29), the council approved of the site’s demolition.

The city plans to use the property as a public space after it’s demolished until a purpose for the site is found.

Parts of the theatre that have historical or cultural significance will be salvaged from the site.

Demolition and reconfiguration as a temporary public space may cost the city upwards of $2 million.

The site may be demolished as soon as December 31, 2020.

The Heritage Theatre originally opened as the Capitol Theatre on Feb 1923. It was sold to the Odeon Corporation in 1946 where it remained in operation until 1981 when the city purchased it.

It has been closed and has remained vacant since 2006.

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