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Brampton Council Discusses Bringing 5G Networking to the City



Brampton Council Discusses Bringing 5G Networking to the City

Brampton is continuing to look towards the future of what the city can offer its residents.

At a recent council meeting held on April 24, a discussion of the benefits of bringing a 5G network to the city was brought up.

5G broadband connections have increased network speeds, lower latency, and stronger connections when compared to 4G or LTE networks.

“This technology is coming. It will change dramatically IT infrastructure and there’s an advantage for Brampton to be at the forefront,” said Mayor Patrick Brown at the meeting. “We certainly want to get ahead of this.”

Currently, Brampton supports both LTE and 4G wavelengths throughout the city. These types of networks would not be removed from the city, as 5G hopes to still support both 4G and LTE connections.

This means residents with older phones may still be able to connect to a network, just not use the 5G capabilities.

As the technology is still in the process of becoming mainstream, and the costs are not finalized at this time, the council passed a motion to report back on making 5G technology available in the city. 

The hope is for Brampton to become one of the first cities to make use of the new network.

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