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Brampton asks all city employees to be tested for COVID-19



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Brampton asks all city employees to be tested for COVID-19

Today (May 25), the City of Brampton is asking all City employees to get tested for COVID-19 by their local health unit.

Brampton recommends that all employees who believe that they have been exposed to or have contracted COVID-19 get tested.

This request follows the Ontario Government’s decision to provide additional testing and test all of those who request it. 

Peel Public Health has been directed by Ontario Health to immediately begin testing anyone who visits a local assessment centre.

They have also been directed to not turn anyone away.

Residents seeking to be tested for COVID-19 no longer need to be referred to an assessment centre by Telehealth Ontario, Primary Care or Public Health.

The City of Brampton is actively taking steps to help flatten the curve and stop the spread of COVID-19 in the city through additional safety measures at City facilities, Brampton Transit and closures of programs and services that encourage large gatherings or make physical distancing a challenge.

The Ministry of Health will list all assessment centres on the Province’s website, including locations, so that the public and employees can locate an assessment centre easily.

The City of Brampton will work with local hospitals to facilitate mobile assessment at the worksites of the City’s essential and critical services.

They will also be encouraging local businesses, through the Brampton Board of Trade and Downtown Brampton BIA, to request that employees working at businesses that have reopened in recent weeks to also get tested.

Mayor Patrick Brown said, “I spoke with the Premier yesterday and was encouraged by the increase in testing capacity across the Province.”

“We are taking the Government up on their request that those without symptoms be tested for COVID-19, so that Brampton can lead by example in Ontario by requesting City employees be tested in order to stop the spread of COVID-19,” he added.

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