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Brampton Announces New Changes to the City’s Recreation, Arts and Culture



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Brampton Announces New Changes to the City’s Recreation, Arts and Culture

The city of Brampton has recently announced changes to the way it delivers recreation, arts and culture, with a plan to make these areas more community focused and contribute to a stronger economy.

In a report released Wednesday Nov. 23, the city said its arts and culture programs (including the widely-known Rose Theatre) will become part of a newly named “Economic Development and Culture” team which also includes tourism, festivals and special events, and sponsorship. The change is meant to align resources in these areas to create more strategic and sustainable arts and culture programs.

“Adding a cultural lens to economic development will contribute to Brampton’s economy while strengthening the vibrancy of our city,” said Bob Darling, Director of Economic Development and Culture.

According to the report, this approach coincides with a growing trend in other municipalities in the GTA, where “art is seen as an investment and culture as an economic driver with significant community impact.”

As a result of these changes, which hope to streamline decision-making and customer service, there will be a permanent reduction of 13 positions within the city’s Recreation division.

“We have clarified roles and reduced duplication, replacing confusion with a laser-focused approach to delivering recreational services in our community,” stated Commissioner of Community Services Al Meneses.

Do you agree with the city’s new approach regarding arts and culture in Brampton? Let us know your thoughts.

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