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Brain Dead Brampton Woman Reportedly Moving



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Brain Dead Brampton Woman Reportedly Moving

A Brampton woman was pronounced dead at Brampton Civic last month, and after a judge granted her family’s injunction to keep her on life support, she is reportedly moving.

On September 20, six days after she was admitted, doctors at Brampton Civic signed 27-year-old Brampton mother Taquisha McKitty’s death certficate. Her death was determined by two experienced physicians, according to the hospital. Her family has been fighting to keep her alive since September, saying that she has been responsive and her heart is beating.

According to a recent CityNews article, after nearly a month, McKitty is indeed moving “from her head to her toes.” 

A representative of Bishop Wendell Brereton of the Glorious Church Breakthrough Temple reached out to to discuss the ongoing case involving  McKitty, whose family had been granted a two-week injunction to keep her on life support, until their next court date, according to The Canadian Press.

The two-week mark has passed, and the family hopes that McKitty’s movement will keep the court and the hospital from taking her off of life support.

Brereton says the Brampton hospital admitted McKitty for a drug overdose and “hastily” pronounced her dead “even though she has a pulse and her heart is beating on its own.” McKitty’s father, Stanley Stewart, got an emergency court injunction to prevent the hospital from taking her off life support. 

“However even with documentation by nurses and doctors of response to stimuli the doctor served the parents her death certificate,” Brereton said in a statement. “Imagine your child holding on to dear life and the doctors serve you a death certificate even with a Superior Court judge’s order in hand.”

Though McKitty may have a pulse and be moving, doctors have declared her brain dead. In a recent CityNews article, bioethicist Kerry Bowman said that a person is generally considered deceased when his or her brain ceases to function. 

The family had brought a doctor as a second opinion to court proceedings to help plead their case to keep McKitty on life support, according to CityNews, one who has worked with people who were revived from a brain dead state – Dr. Paul Byrne.

Byrne was supposed to conduct a physical examination on McKitty, but that hasn’t happened yet, as there have been some issues with finding a licensed neurologist to supervise his examination.

According to CityNews, McKitty’s family is hoping the hospital will rescind the death certificate, something that’s fairly unprecedented in Canada.

The family’s gofundme page claims that legal expenses are costing them $80,000.

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