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Amazon is Bringing Something Unique to a Brampton Library



Amazon is Bringing Something Unique to a Brampton Library

The Brampton Library has received a huge donation from Amazon.

According to a recent press release, Amazon has donated $10,000 in technology to the Brampton Library new on-the-go STEM van. 

The donation will go towards Makerspace Brampton’s expansion of accessible STEM-based learning via the new on-the-go mobile STEM van. 

Makerspace Brampton is a collaboration between the Brampton Library, Sheridan College, and the city of Brampton.

To celebrate the collaboration, local Amazonians will give Grade 4 and Grade 5 students from Mount Pleasant Village school an exclusive look at the new van. 

The van will include the latest tools that will help students develop real world skills, and give them an opportunity to get their hands on the technology before the van is fully available to the public.

Donated items include STEM kits, coding robots, and a charging cart.

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