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Amazon employee fears for safety over alleged COVID-19 cases at Brampton facility



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Amazon employee fears for safety over alleged COVID-19 cases at Brampton facility

An Amazon employee recently reached out to, in regard to an alleged number of positive COVID-19 cases that have occurred at Brampton’s Amazon facility.

According to the employee, screen shots provided allegedly showcase that there were over twenty positive COVID-19 cases at the Brampton YYZ4 facility, located at 8050 Heritage Rd, in the month of October.

“The Amazon fulfillment Center Brampton YYZ4 is trying to keep us safe with screenings,” said the employee.

According to the employee, while the facility uses heat sensors and questionnaires to screen and has social distancing in place, these protocols are allegedly not followed anywhere else in the building.

“I feel it’s not enough,” said the employee. “They need to shut it down and thoroughly clean the place.”

The employee added that getting messages about multiple positive cases in the facility is “very scary” and is concerned for their family’s wellbeing.

“As an employee, I don’t feel safe working here anymore,” they said.

“One or two cases at work is manageable, but five to 10 per week is something else. I think this falls under an ‘outbreak’ and something needs to be done,” concluded the employee.

The following are screenshots provided by the employee that indicate some alleged COVID-19 cases at the Brampton facility. reached out to an Amazon media representative in regard to the alleged COVID-19 cases at Brampton’s Amazon facility but did not receive a comment.

Back in May, Mayor Patrick Brown confirmed that an employee tested positive for COVID-19 at Brampton’s Amazon warehouse.



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