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A Very Unique Interactive Event Has Arrived in Brampton

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A Very Unique Interactive Event Has Arrived in Brampton

You can’t judge someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.

That’s the saying, right?

Well, your chance to experience someone else’s life has come. 

The Compassion Experience is coming to Brampton providing visitors with the opportunity to experience another world.

According to a recent press release, over 700 million people in developing countries live on less than $3 a day resulting in them facing challenges many people in Canada do not and will not.

The Compassion Experience is an event the aims to bring visitors into the lives of Compassion-sponsored children living in Uganda and Guatemala.

By utilizing an iPod, a headset, and 1,700 square feet of interactive space visitors will get to hear stories from children whose lives began in poverty in addition to being able to see their homes, schools, and markets.

The event will take place from Oct. 12 to Oct. 15 at the Bramalea Baptist Church in Brampton on 9050 Dixie Rd.

The event is completely free to those wanting to come out and is an incredible opportunity for anyone to experience what life could be like in developing countries.

The Compassion Experience was initially started with the goal of bringing the developing world to North America.

The Brampton Compassion Experience stop is part of a four-day stop throughout the GTA.

The Compassion Experience Preview – Jey's Story from The Compassion Experience on Vimeo.

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