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A Unique Italian Fusion Food Truck Just Opened Up In Brampton



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A Unique Italian Fusion Food Truck Just Opened Up In Brampton

Food trucks have been trending hard these past few years and for good reasons—they bring unique, creative, gourmet food to everyone from concert and event-goers to locals just enjoying their city.

Now, a unique Italian-inspired food truck just opened shop in Brampton and many residents have spotted it roaming the city.

Pastaman, which has mainly been seen in the area of Queen and Airport, features a variety of Italian dishes as well as unique fusion cuisine.

“We are pasta themed food truck. We have few fusion dishes like Butter Chicken Lasagna, some traditional Italian pasta dishes like Tandoori Chicken Penne or Traditional Lasagna and some dinner choice that you would normally get at a casual dining Italian restaurant,” says Aman Rodher, owner of Pastaman. 

Rodher is a culinary graduate and has been working at many restaurants in Brampton. His experience and passion mainly focus on Italian cuisine. 

Other items on his menu include delicious meals such as Hot Italian Sausage, Penne Vodka, Penne Arrabiata, Seafood Fettuccine, Paneer Penne, Tandoori Chicken Penne and a lot more!

“Freshness and creativity are our favourite ingredients. Our menu is varied and the service is unmatched,” says Rodher.

The truck is open from Monday to Saturday from 11 a.m to 11 p.m. 

To follow Pastaman’s adventures, click here.

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