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A Popular And Unique Milkshake Joint Just Opened Its Doors In Brampton



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A Popular And Unique Milkshake Joint Just Opened Its Doors In Brampton

In this hot weather, many people are looking for ice-cold drinks to cool themselves down. Luckily, a new milkshake joint just opened in Brampton that serves many unique drinks.

Located at 10 Gillingham Drive, Holy Shakes just celebrated their grand opening on June 12.

What makes this place unique?

Well, the restaurant takes a spin on the popular American milkshakes and infuses the drinks with traditional Indian sweets and flavours. It also comes in really cute vintage and nostalgic milk bottles.

Holy Shakes is already popular in Toronto as it has been featured at many festivals and events. But, they have decided to open their first location in Brampton.

They offer many different milkshakes including fusion milkshakes, flavoured fusion milk bottles, cake shakes and live milkshake. And, the names of the milkshakes sound even better! They have milkshakes called Strawberry Galore, Almond Rose, Kick it with Snickers, Ferrero Magic, Indulging Toblerone, Kit Kat Break Shake, Mr. CoffeeNut, Murder with Red Velvet and many more.

Holyshakes also boasts a wide selection of Indian street food such as their Bhaturas, Butter Chicken Burritos and Butter Chicken on the Rocks. Their street food also features amazing sweet spreads and delicious toppings that you cannot find anywhere else.

Will you be visiting Holy Shakes soon?

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