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A New Pizzeria Has Opened In Downtown Brampton


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A New Pizzeria Has Opened In Downtown Brampton

If you’ve visited Downtown Brampton in the past year you may have noticed the “best panini and pizzeria in town” sign located at a storefront on Main Street.

However, many people did not know the name of the place that was claiming to be the best in town until a few months ago.

Pizzanini, dubbed the “best panini and pizzeria in town” has finally opened its doors! So, people visiting Main Street have one more Italian restaurant to choose from.

While places like Vesuvio Ristorante or Fanzorellis have a wide array of food choices, Pizzanini focuses on pizzas – not to say that they solely have pizzas.

Located at 18 Main Street South, Pizzanini offers many different types of flatbreads. They have Mediterranean Chicken, Tandoori Chicken and Hawaiian and more for the meat lovers. For the vegetarians, they offer veggie, corn or cauliflower pizza. People can also create their own pizza.

Not only do they have pizza, but they also offer salads, hot dogs and dessert!

People can pick and choose from a wide selection of salads to put in their salad bowl.

And don’t forget about dessert, restaurant-goers can munch away on the Nutella nini!

The restaurant is open from Monday to Saturday from 11 a.m to 8 p.m.

Will you be trying the “best panini and pizzeria in town?”

Photos courtesy of Pizzanini.

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