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A New Gym Just Opened Its Doors In Brampton And It’s Offering Free Classes



A New Gym Just Opened Its Doors In Brampton And It’s Offering Free Classes

A new gym just opened in Brampton and is giving away free trial classes to celebrate!

If you’re behind on your fitness goals because you’re tired, the gym is too far, you don’t want to ruin your makeup, you’d rather park yourself on a patio (who wouldn’t?!) we’ve got some good news, gym rats: there is a new place to sweat in Brampton.

Located on 30 Hale Road in the area of Steeles and Highway 410, CrossFit Brampton offers CrossFit classes as well as other services.

For those of you who may not know, CrossFit is an exercise program that takes you through a warmup (dynamic exercises), the workout of the day, a skill/strength training and a cool down.

CrossFit Brampton takes the time to train each attendee with six skills and techniques classes that teach them the basics of CrossFit training before getting into the actual classes. The coach will also provide modifications for those who cannot complete a move or are ensure if the workout is safe.

The price of for a month at CrossFit Brampton ranges from $165 to $195 depending on how long the person commits to the program.

Don’t worry, before spending the big bucks, you can try the program for free. The free trial classes run every other Saturday at 9:15 a.m. The next free class is on July 6 and will teach people the basics of CrossFit skills and techniques.

CrossFit Brampton also features personal training classes. According to the gym, the classes are a great option for anyone who is rehabilitating from an injury, training for competition, or perfecting a specific movement. 

They also offer low back pain management classes, which teaches people how to get out of pain by addressing movement patterns, rehabilitation exercises, and a plan to return to workouts.

They also have lifestyle management appointments, which is an opportunity to address and fix the attendee’s diet for chronic disease management, physical and/or psychological barriers, weight loss, and proactive healthcare strategies. “Whether you need to adjust your diet to manage hypertension, or need a little extra support with following through on your health and fitness commitments, these sessions will provide you with confidence and a plan,” writes CrossFit Brampton on their site.

The gym also boasts nutrition consultations to ensure the fitness member’s diet is in line with their health and fitness goals. The consultation will give them the knowledge to make healthy choices throughout the week.

Will you be visiting CrossFit Brampton soon?

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