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5 Worst Brampton Transit Routes


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5 Worst Brampton Transit Routes

Though Brampton Transit is planned in a neat, convenient grid for the most part, it’s one of the most frustrating transit systems I’ve ever used.

Though Brampton Transit is planned in a neat, convenient grid for the most part, it’s one of the most frustrating transit systems I’ve ever used. Besides the fact that the buses are often late, fare increases by an arm and a leg annually, and the drivers can be rude, some Brampton Transit routes are more awful to take than others.

Whether they’re overcrowded, long, or just plain useless, we’ve put together a list of the five worst Brampton Transit routes that currently exist to help guide you in your Brampton travels. As Drake might say (but probably not), these buses are on their worst behaviour.

5) Route 25 Edenbrook

Route 25 doesn’t stop at a main transit hub, it just skirts around Downtown Terminal. This route doesn’t even stop at Fletchers Meadow or St. Edmund Campion, which it runs parallel to. It’s almost like the 25 is too shy to make a real stop where users can transfer. Transit users are better off taking the 4/4A and walking to where they need to go, or taking the 24 – even though it doesn’t stop at a transit hub either, at least it runs on weekends and holidays, unlike the useless 25.

4) Route 4/4A Chinguacousy

That doesn’t make the 4/4A any better. The 4/4A might stop at three transit hubs and near Fletchers Meadow, David Suzuki, and St. Edmund Campion, but it is a painful bus to take. The 4/4A is always packed, so packed that sometimes during rush hour, the drivers can hardly squeeze everyone onto the bus. Also, ever since the 4/4A began servicing Sheridan College a few months ago, the detour added an extra 5-10 minutes to the route, which is 5-10 minutes I could be spending watching Grey’s Anatomy or petting my cat. Why can’t the 4/4A stop just outside of Sheridan College at Steeles and McLaughlin like the good ol’ days?

3) Route 33 Peter Robertson

The 33 and the 32 are essentially identical routes, except the silly 33 doesn’t run on Sundays or holidays. It might be smart to have one bus with more frequent service instead of having a route 33 and a route 32. Useless!

2) Route 8 Centre

I think the 8 is the longest bus I have ever taken. The 8 almost makes a bus ride to Montreal seem like a piece of cake. All I want to do is get from Shoppers World to Bramalea City Centre on one bus, but the 8 doesn’t make that easy. This bus stops every 30 seconds (or at least that’s what it feels like), and I get that it services residential areas, which is great, but it turns a 20-minute ride into an hour. Pro tip: from Shoppers World, take the 502 to Downtown Terminal and the 501 to Bramalea City Centre – annoying but makes the route much quicker.

1) Route 11/11A Steeles

The 11/11A combines a lot of the worst aspects of these buses into one excruciating route. This bus might stop at a bunch of transit hubs, but it avoids a major one: Bramalea GO. Yes, I know, it stops outside of Bramalea GO, but for someone trying to take a train or a bus from the GO station platform, that extra few minutes’ walk on the platform can cause a lot of delay. The 11/11A also takes forever to get from point A to point B (see: I could be watching Grey’s or petting my cat instead), it’s pretty much always packed, and it’s useless – the 511/511A Zum bus services essentially the same route (who needs to get to Albion Road or Signal Hill Avenue on the 11/11A, anyway?). 

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