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5 Strange Things Witnessed at Shopper’s World



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5 Strange Things Witnessed at Shopper’s World

Full disclosure, I was not raised in Brampton. I was born and raised in Montreal and did most of my growing up in that city in the 90s. The city was basically lawless back then, with English businesses being blown up, a full on biker war and graffiti on every street corner. That said, nothing compares to what I have witnessed at Shopper’s World over the past decade.

5. Woman in a Sari Sprinting on a Treadmill

It’s no secret that I lift. However, like most people, I enjoy a deal–so I work out at Fit 4 Less inside Shopper’s World. One day while I was benching, like, 500 lbs, I noticed a woman in a sari on a treadmill set to level 10000 sprinting like Usain Bolt. When the woman got off the treadmill, I asked her about her workout routine. She said, “I just came from the doctor in the mall and he told me to run in order to prevent diabetes!” That’s dedication! Walk straight into the gym from the doctor’s office and start sprinting!

4. Man Driving an Electric Tricycle Inside the Mall

I watched this man (who resembled Ray from Trailer Park Boys) enter the mall by Canadian Tire, drive through the food court, almost go crashing down the stairs into the “Ghost Gym” on the lower level and then drive towards Oceans. As Brampton’s finest cyclist tried to get into the supermarket for that $5.99 combo, the stern Oceans ladies erected the proverbial iron curtain and kicked him out!

3. Cricket Bat Attack

It may come as no surprise that many people in Brampton actively play cricket. As such, that tends to be the weapon of choice in road rage incidents, including the one I witnessed just outside of Little Caesars when someone decided to park in a handicapped spot without a permit. When the 20-something man walked into the mall, a vigilante went Imran Khan on the perpetrators vehicle as the crowd that gathered around cheered.

2. Parking Lot Financial Advisor

These “Forex Gurus” are everywhere these days. Typically found on Instagram flashing pictures of their various high end cars and trips around the world, these financial wizards can apparently also be found at the bus terminal outside Shopper’s World. I was once approached by a man in a $50 suit from International Clothiers about “Lucrative financial opportunities trading currencies.” Uhhh, no thanks.

1. Stephen Harper

Remember that guy? Anyways, in a last ditch attempt to woo South Asian voters, Mr. Personality himself showed up in Brampton several times and even released a Hindi political add (as seen here). Anyways, he showed up for a few minutes at the mall to try and garner support. Well it was either him or my dad in his favorite sweater vest.

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