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5 Places to Get Crepes in Brampton


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5 Places to Get Crepes in Brampton

It’s true, crepes are the thinner, classier version of their cousin – the pancake.

It’s true, crepes are the thinner, classier version of their cousin – the pancake. Crepes can be savoury or sweet, filled with fruit, chocolate, or both, covered in icing sugar, and beyond, and you can get them right here in Brampton!

That’s right, you can get these folds of versatile deliciousness in Brampton. There are a few places that sell crepes in Brampton, each with their own take on the dish, so get ready for a dessert adventure as you read on.

Here are five places to get a crepe in Brampton:

5) Sweet Breeze

This cafe tucked into a plaza on Polonia Avenue by the grand Polish church has a lot to offer, and they’ve made a few of our top five lists already. They’ve got an interesting take on crepes, because their crepes are slightly thicker than usual, but they are scrumptious! Sweet Breeze has large portion sizes for their crepes, and they offer three different kinds – nutella, fruits, or, the most interesting, apple ricotta cheese and cinammon. You might just want to ask them to go a little easy on the whipped cream. Overall, their crepe is cakey and unique!

4) Caffe Demetre

You had to know this was coming! Demetre at Bramalea City Centre makes a mean sweet French crepe, and they have a wide variety of options to choose from, any one of which might send you into sugar shock. Choose from honey vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberries on a crepe, or Vietnamese coffee ice cream, cannoli chips, chocolate chip ricotta cream, and French dark chocolate sauce drizzled on top of a crepe, or even white chocolate silk ice cream tucked under a crepe and topped with apple crisp, butter caramel sauce, and cinnamon streusel as pictured below. Drooling yet? Demetre gets their crepes right every time.

3) Thinusha Take Out and Catering

Come on now, we’re in Brampton, we have to acknowledge different kinds of crepes from all parts of the world! Thinusha Take Out and Catering is a popular mom and pop shop on the ever so classic Kennedy Road, where you can grab some south Indian treats like appam – a crepe made with fermented rice batter (for the dough) and coconut milk (for the filling). These crepes are quite small, so it’s best to order a few, and they come cheap, you can get two or three for some spare change. Once you have one, you might be addicted! Want some savoury south Indian crepes? Check out the Top 5 Dosa Spots in Brampton.

2) Dipsidoo Dessert Bar

Dipsidoo at Bramalea stays straight to the point when it comes to crepes – you can get one with just Nutella, or you can add fresh fruit like blueberries, strawberries, or blackberries. You can watch them make your massive, thin, beautiful crepe, smear chocolate and fruit (I can’t stress enough how fresh their fruit is) inside, fold it all together, and douse it in icing sugar and more chocolate. They make a solid crepe, thin, even, and delicious, and you might want to ask them to go easy on the chocolate, but some people might love the sugar and extra chocolatey-ness!

1) Crepe Delicious

Crepe Delicious at Bramalea City Centre might not have the classiest seating area, because it’s a kiosk in the middle of the food court, but they have a wide variety of crepes, both sweet and savoury. Choose from savoury crepes like Popeye with spinach, tomato, mozzarella, feta, and Greek dressing, Tuna Tango with tuna, red onion, lettuce, tomato, and mozzarella, and have the option to add two eggs to any savoury crepe, or choose a sweet crepe like Dulce with banana, coconut, and dulce, or Black & Red with Nutella and strawberries, pictured below. You can even add gelato and whipped cream. Their crepes are a good size, with a great proportion of filling to crepe (not too much or too little chocolate, for example! And just enough strawberries!). If the sheer amount of options weren’t enough, here’s the best part – you can get your crepe in a cone and walk around the mall eating it. Hashtag blessed.

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