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5 Hidden Facts About Brampton



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5 Hidden Facts About Brampton

History is fascinating and so is the city you live in!

Learn more about Brampton with these interesting facts about the city that are guaranteed to tantalize your mind. And I know you haven’t heard these before.

Here are five hidden facts about Brampton.  

5. The Deadlist Plane Crash From Toronto Pearson Happened in Brampton

The second deadliest aviation accident in Canada and first deadliest from the Toronto Pearson Airport took place in what is now Castlemore, Brampton. The Air Canada Flight 621 crash took place on July 5, 1970 as the plane was attempting to land. The flight was from Montreal to Toronto to L.A. It was attributed to pilot error. One hundred and nine people died in total, more than 20 of the passengers were United States citizens.  On July 30, 1970, 49 identified and 3 non-identified victims were buried at Mount Pleasant Cemetery.

4. The Flight Famously Known As The “Christmas Miracle” Crashed In Brampton

On December 17, 1954, a Trans-Canada Airlines flight crashed in the rural outskirts of Brampton. Many people called this flight the “Christmas miracle” since the crash broke much of the plane, but all the people on that flight lived. It was again due to pilot error as he flew into the path of a storm.

3. Earliest Mass Shooting Occurred In Brampton

There was a mass shooting in Brampton at Brampton Centennial Secondary School. Many people remember this tragic incident to this day, yet it has not been discussed widely. On May 28, 1975, 16-year-old Michael Slobodian killed 25-year-old teacher and a 17-year-old student. He injured 13 others and later killed himself.

2. The Well Known Case About A Toddler Finding Drugs In A Toy Happened In Brampton

A 4-year-old bought an Angry Birds toy from Target and got a little more than expected. He found a bag of marijuana valued at $850.

1. The Well Known Cold Case Of A Brampton Family Was Solved By OPP 

Ontario Provincial Police solve a cold case of over 50 years old. Many think that since a case has been unsolved for over half a decade that it may never be solved. However, one OPP officer just solved one. In 1956, Allen and Margaret Campbell went on a canoe near their home, they drowned but their bodies were never found until recently.

Photo courtesy of City of Brampton. 

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