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5 “Haunted” Conspiracy Theories That Exist In Brampton



5 “Haunted” Conspiracy Theories That Exist In Brampton

Conspiracy theory. A two word term that means a theory that explains an event or circumstance or object as the result of a secret plot by usually powerful conspirators, in this case it’s ghosts and aliens.

Do ghosts and aliens exist in Brampton? Here are 5 conspiracies to may you think that they just might.

5. The Crib At Bovaird House

The Bovaird House was made in 1800, which seems pretty haunting in itself. However, that’s not the haunting part of the house. An antique crib was recently donated to the house and sits in the nursery. A new grandmother donated the crib because the baby’s mother said she heard noises coming from her child’s room. She also saw a presence near the foot of the crib. Ever since The Bovaird House obtained this crib, multiple people have said they see a woman crying at the foot of the crib.

4. The Jailers of the Peel Art Gallery Museum and Archives

The PAMA used to Brampton’s Courthouse and Peel County Jail. Because the jail was not the best, held many criminals and had three executions onsite, The PAMA is said to be haunted. Many women have also heard footsteps in the woman’s washroom yet did not see the woman’s feet. The woman is said to be the only female criminal that was in the Peel County Jail.

3. The Haunted Street In Brampton

Over the years, many people have said that a ghost has been seem roaming the area of Main Street in Brampton. He is seen near the side of the street and sometimes beneath the street’s railway bridge. Some say it’s the ghost of Colonel Frank Ching, a prominent Brampton figure who had a street named in his honour (Colonel Frank Ching Crescent). There’s even been a Colonel Frank Ching Memorial Golf Tournament. Ching’s family says he died in 2004 of complications related to surgery. He is buried in the Brampton Cemetary, and all three of his children still reside in Brampton to this day. 

2. Central Public School’s Custodian

There’s often been talk of his haunted rumour as well. Legend has it that, one night, the school’s old custodian and his wife who was a teacher at the school died tragically while on their way home. They lived nearby the school at the time. People say that they have seen brooms flying and cupboards opening by itself. The couple loved the school and may still want to be there.

1. Ukrainian Catholic Church Never Ending Fire

On April 5 2014, a fire started at the Ukrainian Catholic church. The cause was undetermined and the investigation was closed. On July 16 2017, another fire destroyed part of the $2 million church. Again the cause was undetermined, however it was deemed to be an act of an arsonist who was never found. The tragic events still haunt the members of the church.

Photo courtesy of The Bovaird House.

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this article said Colonel Frank Ching died long ago of an unknown cause. His family has since confirmed that he died in 2004 of complications related to surgery. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused. We regret the error. 

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